Our product

  1. We have developed different things in pursuit of achieving a differentiated and high-quality markets product International
  2. Mineral water without chemicals, in the sierras of Cordoba (Sierras Tala) in the town of FALDA del Carmen – Córdoba – free zone pollution
  3. We use the technology of Nano particles of colloidal silver ion being the only cannery in the country with this technology brought from Israel that allows the product a very long life (more than 10 years) without chemicals elagregado such as chlorine or some other.
  4. Some cases using the same Nano particles of silver ion technology

Possible Nanoparticulas of silver ion…..

 Nanoparticulas of silver ion in creams for….

Nanotechnology for 

  • We have the Kosher Certification (Community Jewish), we are only in the country with this certification in the category, we also collect the Halal (Muslim) certification

What is a religious certification as the Kosher?

  • the certifications religious are certification of the more high quality in foodstuffs, this means that not any product may have seal Kosher, you You can ask and vera than the market leaders do not have this certification, the reason is not economic but quality .


The most characteristic feature of natural mineral water La Posta del Aguila Little transit (recent infiltration) why time is affair water about not having contact with the environment.

  • Low solubility of materials partners (quartzite). Due to this your pH is 7.6 UpH , this increases the bicarbonates in the blood; if shrinks the Bicarbonates in blood, get older and is causative diseases, therefore water Premium of La Posta del Aguila by increasing the Bicarbonates in blood slows ageing
    Read the article of the DRA.

        which is the property of alkaline water according to Dr. Frassetto

  • Of mineralization weak 
  • Low sodium content
  • has no chemical incorporated for its disinfection and conservation – we use the Ions of silver COLOIDAL NANOPARTICULAS technology
  • We have religious certification Kosher and Halal
  • We have a Water Tasting product
  • We worry about the Middle Environment, we reduce Carbon footprint and we get 9,35 g of the GHG Protocol that is why we are an eco-Product, we are the first in the world in our industry


  • We have the demanding authorizations of the Food & Drug Administration – States FDA United States 


  • We do the traceability of each packaging of product – Water Maping – from the start up the cellars of the importers anywhere in the world and we provide you the system so that can continue it until it reaches hands product consumer  


  • Our bottles are disposable but their materials are friendly to the environment for the consumer in a perfect state
  • Our bottle design is an object Worship and Seducción for those who acquire and few are resist not take it home. This is one of the objectives, the client takes the container as a souvenir
  • The bottles lead seals or capsules security, so if we serve them open may that the content not correspond to the original
  • We are entering the water segment Super Premium with our Seductive Mineral Water brand
  • WE ARE THE FIRST in the world and CONVERTIMOS A our products in ECOPRODUCT-in our industry



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